Qt4.4.0 packaging progress

Trolltech has released Qt4.4.0 technical preview (tp1).

This release introduces new features like phonon (multimedia framework) with the gstreamer plugin, webkit (web browser engine), xmlpatterns (XQuery and XPath engine), help system with QtClucene (Qt wrapper around clucene), etc … and some enhancements to current modules. It comes with new demos (browser using webkit, mediaplayer using phonon and embeddeddialogs) and new examples (help, ipc, phonon, qtconcurrent and xmlpatterns).

It’s worth to take a look closer from a packager point of view:

  • phonon can be found in KDE svn and webkit can be found on WebKit svn.

=> It means different release schedule and sources not always synced. It seems we need to choose which branch we want to package (TT/KDE and TT/WebKit).

  • xmlpatterns module depends on exceptions support.

=> So far, we build Qt without exceptions support. If you want the xmlpatterns module, you need to enable exceptions support

  • a change on Qt4.4.0 breaks ABI on mips architecture.

=> nobody is perfect…

If you want to play with this release, you can find packages for Debian (sources and amd64 build at the moment) on:


the regular snaphot of the QWebView (done in 3s):


As far as i can see, Qt4.4.0 will rock !

How to survive to a Debian KDE team meeting in Extremadura


oh, we work too :)

the wait is over: DAM has created accounts.

Congratulations to Yves-Alexis Perez (Corsac), Nicolas François (Nekral) and Sune Vuorela (Pusling) too \o/

Finally, some accounts (~30 ?) were created and i’m in.

Thanks to all people involved in Debian and Kubuntu. In particular (no order) my co-maintainers, sponsors, helpers and application manager:
* Pierre habouzit (Madcoder)
* Mark Purcell (msp)
* Ana Beatriz Guerrero (Ana)
* Enrico Zini (enrico)
* Gustavo Franco (stratus)
* Loïc Minier (lool)
* Jonathan Riddell (riddell)
* Sarah Hobbs (hobbsee)
* and many many others

But I don’t forget other people who missed this train: Cyril Brulebois (kibi).

Next time, it’s your turn ! (i hope soon).

QSplashy, a graphical front-end for splashy_config

Debian hasn’t adopted yet a default bootup splash utility and we need one to make it more sexy : it’s time to push Splashy :)
Splashy is a nice boot splashing system. It doesn’t need to patch the kernel and need a single configuration file in XML.

Some users complaint about a missing GUI to make it easier to change stuff.

here it is: QSplashy \o/


no fear GTK/Gnome people ;) GSplashy exists too !

if you are interested to help to make Splashy, the next bootup splash utility for Debian (and others),
join us: http://splashy.alioth.debian.org/wiki/

Hello Planet Debian !

This is the traditional Hello Planet \o/

For people who don’t know me, I’m a Debian Qt/KDE/KDE Extras/Desktop teams member,
trying to make our beloved distribution more sexy.

After this *very* short introduction, time to go back to the real work,
and wait for the DAM to create my account (like around 26 other DAMnified people).

Hello World !

Hello World !