Monthly Archives: May 2008

reply to KDE 4.1 experience

I don’t know if Peter tries KDE 4.1 beta1 (4.0.80) but I tend to disagree with some comments.

 you can’t configure size and appearance of the panel. This is a long-standing problem, but I thought it was fixed.

False. See the plasma icon on panel ? click on it and you’ll have what you want:

 In general, there […]

a look at KDE 4 and Debian

So far, if you want to use KDE 4 under Debian, you need to install them from experimental. Under the ground, we prepared up-to-date packages from trunk (soon uploaded) and I took a snapshot of my current desktop:

We didn’t know yet if Lenny will be shipped with KDE 4 but we hope it will be […]