Monthly Archives: December 2007

Qt4.4.0 packaging progress

Trolltech has released Qt4.4.0 technical preview (tp1).
This release introduces new features like phonon (multimedia framework) with the gstreamer plugin, webkit (web browser engine), xmlpatterns (XQuery and XPath engine), help system with QtClucene (Qt wrapper around clucene), etc … and some enhancements to current modules. It comes with new demos (browser using webkit, mediaplayer […]

How to survive to a Debian KDE team meeting in Extremadura

oh, we work too

the wait is over: DAM has created accounts.

Congratulations to Yves-Alexis Perez (Corsac), Nicolas Fran├žois (Nekral) and Sune Vuorela (Pusling) too \o/
Finally, some accounts (~30 ?) were created and i’m in.
Thanks to all people involved in Debian and Kubuntu. In particular (no order) my co-maintainers, sponsors, helpers and application manager:
* Pierre habouzit (Madcoder)
* Mark Purcell (msp)
* Ana Beatriz Guerrero (Ana)
* Enrico Zini (enrico)
* […]