Monthly Archives: November 2007

QSplashy, a graphical front-end for splashy_config

Debian hasn’t adopted yet a default bootup splash utility and we need one to make it more sexy : it’s time to push Splashy
Splashy is a nice boot splashing system. It doesn’t need to patch the kernel and need a single configuration file in XML.
Some users complaint about a missing GUI to make it […]

Hello Planet Debian !

This is the traditional Hello Planet \o/
For people who don’t know me, I’m a Debian Qt/KDE/KDE Extras/Desktop teams member,
trying to make our beloved distribution more sexy.
After this *very* short introduction, time to go back to the real work,
and wait for the DAM to create my account (like around 26 other DAMnified people).

Hello World !

Hello World !